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Learn How To Grow Your YouTube Channel
Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a sustainable, income-generating machine. Without quitting your day job ????

???? Making Money from YouTube
I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical school at Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.

18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribers and was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of October 2021, my channel has over 2 million subscribers and I make over £100,000 ($130k) each month, with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.

⚗️The Secret to 100,000+ Subscribers
Over the past 3 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build an audience from scratch, provide value consistently, and monetise in a non-spammy way. I’ve spent over $30,000 in courses and coaching programs to try and find the secret sauce that helps grow a channel and a business. And you know what? There’s no secret. It’s mostly just a matter of —

  1. Producing content that your audience finds useful
  2. Posting this on YouTube once a week
  3. Repeating this for at least 2 years

That’s all it takes. I can guarantee that if you follow this simple, 3-part formula, your life will change in ways you can’t imagine. For a start, you’ll learn incredibly useful skills, you’ll generate ‘passive’ income, and you’ll make friends with amazing people from all over the world. You might even get messages from fans about how your content has changed their life ????

But sadly, as with all things, getting started and maintaining quality + consistency is easier said than done.

???? The Challenges of Being a YouTuber

  • It feels daunting to create videos for 2+ years. You won’t see much growth, or money, in the early stages.
  • You’ll have to get over the fear of judgment from friends, family and strangers on the internet.
  • You’ll have to work out what you’re going to talk about + why anyone would care what you’ve got to say.
  • You’ll need to learn about cameras, microphones, lights, video editing and post-production.
  • You’ll worry that you’re going to run out of ideas.
  • You’ll be thinking about the YouTube algorithm, while also trying not to think about the YouTube algorithm.
  • You’ll end up negotiating with brands and having to develop your own negotiation skills to do it.

And you’ll have to do all this (and a lot more) while juggling your job, studies, relationships and health, while also doing your best to enjoy the journey and avoid burnout.

This is hard. It takes a lot of work.

But it’s also really fun, and if you can make it work, it’s genuinely life-changing.

The real “secret”, if there’s one at all, is that you need to build a SYSTEM around your content production, so that you can efficiently pump out useful content that grows your audience and revenue, without it taking up large amounts of your own time.

Instead of thinking of your YouTube channel as a personal project, you want to think about it like a machine. A machine that takes inputs in the form of ideas, refines them into valuable content that your audience loves, and efficiently monetises itself across multiple asset classes.

I’ve built such a system for my channel and business, and I can help you build yours.

⇒ The Part-Time YouTuber Academy
The Part-Time YouTuber Academy is a 6-week live online course where I’ll teach you everything I know about how to build and grow your YouTube channel into a sustainable machine that churns out valuable content for your audience, and generates healthy passive income for you, without having to quit your job.

It’s based on the Infinite Content Engine, the system I’ve developed to grow my channel from zero to 2.2 million subscribers (with $1,500,000+ in annual revenue) while working full-time as a doctor.

We ran Cohort 1 in November 2020, Cohort 2 in March 2021 and Cohort 3 in June 2021 serving over 1,000 students in the process and producing fantastic results and glowing testimonials.

Cohort 4 will run from 1st November to 10th December. Each week, we’ll have a combination of live Zoom lectures, Q&A Office Hours, homework video assignments and group support sessions to help you kickstart your new channel or build upon your existing one.

Core Live Lectures will run twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays at 16:00 GMT / 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET. Each live session will have 60-90 minutes of teaching, followed by an open Q&A with me. All the sessions will be recorded (and you’ll have lifetime access to them) so you can always work through stuff at your own pace if you prefer that approach.

Each week, we’ll also have a series of Guest Workshops featuring people like Pat Flynn, and small group support sessions to help you get the most from the course.

PTYA gave me a solid foundation, friends and the confidence to increase my serendipity and experience some awesome opportunities over the past year as a result.
Matt Brighton

There is not a single day I haven’t been blown away by the detail and care that went into the PTYA. I cannot believe the continuous impact it still has on my life.
Serra Yucel

I’m so glad I did PTYA. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was more than worth it! The content alone would have been enough value but you also meet so many amazing people!
Jon Wall

⇒ By the end of the 6-week course…
???? You’ll have kickstarted your YouTube channel (if you haven’t yet), with 6 published videos.

✈️ You’ll have the next 3-6 months of content planned out, and a solid, streamlined system to sustain this.

???? You’ll be much more comfortable in front of a camera, with techniques to boost your charisma.

???? You’ll get my recommendations for gear and studio setups for all budget levels, so you can level-up your production value while being focused on your content.
???? You’ll know how to refine your niche, and you’ll have a system that ensures you’ll never run out of content ideas – The Idea Generation Machine.

???? You’ll have a method (the HIVEs Framework) for structuring your videos in a way that appeals to your audience and to the YouTube algorithm.

???? You’ll understand how to accelerate your growth by efficiently repurposing your content to multiple platforms with the Artery Method.

???? You’ll understand the various monetisation options available to creators, and you’ll know how to use them to generate passive income for yourself, or high-quality leads for your business.

????‍????‍???? You’ll know the value of building a team as soon as you can afford it, and you’ll have a roadmap for outsourcing your editing and hiring extra team members.

Pivotal to launching my channel
“PTYA was not only an amazing experience, but it was also pivotal to me launching my YouTube channel. I’ve wanted to put myself out there for a long time, I just never had the courage to do it. The PTYA team provided the help I needed to get started and the cohort’s accountability made me keep it up.”
– Keli Fancher

Before I felt lost. Now I can see.
“My problem is that I never stick to anything for enough time to see the compounding effects. However, this course really taught me the importance of it and set me on track to start achieving my goals. Before I felt lost, now I can see. That’s how the before and after of this course feels like in my head.”
-Michael Hanna

Who’s the Course for?

???? ‘Serious’ Beginners
You recognise YouTube as an incredible opportunity to build an audience, have an impact and generate passive income.

You haven’t yet taken the plunge into publishing videos, but you know it’s something you want to do.

But you’re willing to take your new YouTube channel seriously from day 1, and want to invest time and money up-front to set yourself up for success.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have launched your YouTube channel with 6+ published videos and ideas for the next 3-6 months of content
  • have a clear roadmap for gear upgrades
  • be much more comfortable talking to a camera and putting yourself out there
  • hit the ground running with effective systems that mean you’ll never run out of content.

???? Intermediate YouTubers
Congratulations! Your channel’s already up-and-running and you’ve got the best side-hustle in the world.

But you’ve realised that continually coming up with good ideas and consistently churning out valuable content is quite hard. And that growing and monetising your audience is even harder.

You’d love to treat your channel as more of a business but maybe the idea of ‘managing a team’ feels intimidating, and you wouldn’t know where to start anyway.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have our own Infinite Content Engine will be up and running.
  • never run out of ideas
  • have a systematic framework for keeping the engine churning
  • appreciate the immense value of building a team, and know how to take the first steps to outsource annoying things like video editing
  • make progress towards hiring your own staff, if you’re at that level

???? Entrepreneurs & Freelancers
You see YouTube as a great platform to engage with your target audience and generate new leads (or brand awareness) for your business.

But starting (or growing) your YouTube channel is always pushed to the bottom of your endless to-do list. It falls into that classic important-but-not-urgent category and so it never gets done.

You’re now ready to take action and to put in the work to make the platform work for you and your business.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have launched your YouTube channel with 6+ published videos
  • have an understanding of the Fundamentals of YouTubing
  • have a solid lead-gen strategy, with ideas for the next 3-6 months of content through your own Infinite Content Engine.
  • be able to work through the course at your own pace if the 4+ hours of content and homework each week for 6 weeks is too much of a commitment for your already busy schedule.

✍️ Bloggers and Podcasters
You already create content that your audience loves. But you might reach a far larger and more diverse audience through YouTube.

The issue is that YouTube can be intimidating. It’s a very different skillset (albeit with some overlap) to blogging and podcasting. And the bar for production value seems to be ever-increasing.

You recognise that if you could add video to your already beefy skillset, it would benefit your blog, podcast and the business you’ve built around it. Especially if you’re selling your own products, you can price a video course very differently to an e-book.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have launched your YouTube channel with 6+ published videos.
  • have an easier time of this than the other students, because you already know how to create content – this is just a matter of transferring those skills to a new medium
  • have ideas for your next 3-6 months of content (probably more, depending on how much you’ve already created)
  • pick up some workflow tips for your blogs/podcasts from a Part-Time YouTuber ????

❌ Who’s the Course NOT for?
This course isn’t for you if…

  1. You’re not willing to put in the time and effort to make 1 video per week for the homework assignments.
  2. You’re looking for a magic bullet that’ll cause your channel to grow without any effort. There’s no secret here. It’s just about putting in the work, doing it consistently, and stacking the deck in your favour in whatever way you can.
  3. You’re hoping that starting a YouTube channel will be a get-rich-quick scheme. Again, that’s not how it works. There are no shortcuts.
  4. You’re looking for a guaranteed path to 10k, or 100k, or 1M subscribers. There are no guarantees in this game. It’s like signing up for a writing course and expecting to have 1M readers per month for your blog, or 100,000 sales of your book. That’s not how it works. There are a huge number of factors that go into whether something will be numerically ‘successful’. We’ll do our best to teach you the systems and processes that have worked for us and our students, but we can’t ‘guarantee’ any specific result.

Having said all that, one thing we can guarantee is that if you create useful videos, publish 1-2 times per week, and do this for 2 years, your life will change. We can’t put a number on it (no one can), but if you can stick with this for 2+ years, you’ll learn useful skills, you’ll generate ‘passive’ income, and you’ll make friends with amazing people from all over the world. You might even get messages from fans about how your videos have changed their lives.

Our only objective on this course, is to make it easier for you to maintain that level of consistency. If that sounds like something you’d like, we’d love to have you. If it’s not what you’re looking for, then sorry for wasting your time in reading this far, and we wish you the very best of luck. Regardless, feel free to email us if you need a hand with anything ????

???? What’s in the Course?
Here’s a load of information about exactly what we cover in the course. It’s a lot of stuff, and the 6 weeks goes by in a flash, but you’ll have lifetime access to all the video recordings and course material so you can always revisit things if you need to ????
???? 1. Core Course Modules
By the end of the course, you’ll have the next 3-6 months of content planned out, and a system for consistently creating content that your audience (and the YouTube algorithm) loves, without burning out. Through our core live lectures (Mondays and Thursdays 1600-1800 GMT) we’ll cover —

???? Build — Finding your niche, nailing down your target audience and value proposition, building your studio, the best gear at different budget levels, getting comfortable on camera, minimising friction in filming videos. If you’re a beginner, these sessions will be perfect for you. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably learn lots of useful things (we’ve had students with 100k+ subscribers who loved these sessions).

???? Conceive — How to never run out of content ideas. We’ll help you build your own Idea Generation Machine, using our 6-part framework for capturing ideas from various sources and systematically generating your own. And we’ll talk about best practises for titles and thumbnails, arguably one of the most important features of a successful YouTube channel.

✍️ Construct — How to structure your videos in a way that appeals to both your audience and the YouTube algorithm. And how to add flair and branding to your videos to make viewers fall in love with your channel.

???? Create — How to create a content calendar and use parallel processing to boost your productivity, so you’re never stressed by impending video deadlines. And how to efficiently remix and distribute your content across different platforms to maximise reach and diversify your business. We’ll talk about the power of an email list (you should have this from day 1), and the difference between private vs public platforms to make your business more anti-fragile.

???? Expand — How to outsource editing (hint: you should be doing this as soon as you start making money), and how to work towards building a team of writers, researchers, editors and assistants around your channel, while remaining extremely profitable.

???? Monetise — How to maximally monetise your content with Adsense, sponsored videos, affiliate partnerships and your own products, without pissing off your audience. I’ll show you the real numbers behind the $100k+ per month that my YouTube channel generates, and the steps I took to get there.

⏰ Live Session Timings
We’ll have 2 live sessions each week for 6 weeks. They’ll be on Mondays and Thursdays, 1600 – 1800 GMT. Each session will have 60-90 mins of core teaching and interactive exercises, followed by an open Q&A. If you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry – we’ll upload the Zoom recording within 1h of the session ending, and we’ll have a nicely edited video with timestamps ready within 24h of the session.

???? 2. Homework Video Assignments
The Homework Video Assignments are the single most important part of the course.

If you can’t (or won’t) commit to publishing 1 video each week, this course isn’t for you. You won’t get much value out of it. It would be like signing up for a gym class, showing up to watch the tutorial, and not doing any exercise. It might be interesting, but it wouldn’t get you any results.

You can’t grow on YouTube without consistently putting out videos, at least once a week. Yes, there are exceptions, but in general, you need to publish at least once a week to stand a chance of standing out.

Each week, we’ll give you a video assignment, which will involve writing, filming, editing and publishing a video on your channel. When you’re done, you’ll link your video on our community platform so that everyone can comment, and we’ll provide detailed feedback on every video assignment that is submitted.

???? 3. Our House Support System
While cohorts of 1,000 students are great for making new friends, sometimes a smaller, more intimate group is better for accountability and support.

That’s why we’re breaking the cohort into Houses of 30-40 students. You’ll meet with your House for an hour once a week, in a small group House Party Zoom call facilitated by your Housemaster.

How it Works
Timings – Once you’ve signed up, we’ll ask you to choose the time slots that best suit you for the House parties. We’ll sort students into different houses based on YouTube experience and time preferences. You’ll meet your housemates and get your House Party calendar in Week 1 of the course.

House Parties – During each House Party, we’ll take you through group exercises and breakout rooms to help you grow your channel, and you’ll be able to ask any questions and talk through any concerns or issues you’re having with your housemates and Housemaster.

House Points – As an added mode for accountability and fun, we’ll be awarding students with House Points for completing assignments and other things throughout the course. The House with the most overall points will win the House Cup, and every student in the House will get a special prize at the end of the course. ????This was great fun in Cohort 3 and led to a lot of friendly competition within the cohort and brought the Community together.

????‍????‍???? 4. Community + Support + Accountability
Remember how I said that consistently publishing videos each week is how you grow on YouTube? Well, this becomes much easier when you’ve got a community of friends, colleagues and supporters all doing the same thing and cheering each other on.

???? 1. Open Office Hours
Each week, we’ll have Open Office Hours with a handful of incredibly successful YouTubers. These sessions will be run as a Q&A and give you a chance to ask questions to Thomas Frank, Jack Edwards, Nasir Kharma, Hannah Witton, Mayuko Inoue, Simon Clark and more. These are a great opportunity to get an insight into the experiences of these YouTubers who’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge during their time creating content on YouTube.

????‍♂️ 2. Community Support + Q&A
In each of the 12 Zoom calls (twice a week), there’ll be ample opportunity to ask me any and all questions you need to. On top of that, you’ll have lifetime access to our Support Community where you can ask and answer questions with me, my team and the other students.

⇒ Cohort 4 Guest Workshops:

Pat Flynn
Pat is the founder of the SmartPassiveIncome website and he’s returning to PTYA after giving a fantastic interview during the last cohort. He’ll be looking at monetisation and how he’s adapted and grown his online businesses over the past decade.

Charlie Houpert
Charlie is the co-founder of Charisma on Command – a channel with nearly 5 million subscribers. Charlie will be running TWO workshops during the course focussed on his YouTube systems and how he’s built a business from his channel.

Matthew Dicks
Matthew Dicks is an internationally bestselling author, podcaster, playwright, and teacher. His workshop on storytelling was sensational in Cohort 3 and he’s returning to give another masterclass in how every video can be turned into a work of storytelling art!

Anne-Laure runs the hugely popular blog Ness Labs, where she writes about mindful productivity. In her Guest Workshop, she taught us her strategy for monetising an audience through paid memberships.

Joe Gannon
Joe runs an agency specialising in building personal brands with educational content. He’s responsible for my own growth on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. His Guest Workshop breaks down his methods so you can learn to do the same.

Hasan Kubba
Hasan Kubba is an entrepreneur, startup strategist, and author of best-selling book, The Unfair Advantage. He’ll be delivering a workshop on how we can all find our own advantages and leverage them to grow on YouTube.

I was hesitant because of the cost, but having direct access to Ali was game-changing
This is the only course on YouTube where you can meet like-minded folks who will keep you accountable for posting videos & improving your skills. It’s like a mini-semester in Uni/College – I made new friends I still talk to every day, I learned how to create great videos from start to finish, and I optimized my systems to increase my CTR and Watch Time.
-Shervin Shaikh

I underpaid for the amount of value I got and now I have access for life.
“I 10x’d my subscribers since joining PTYA (from 300 to 3000). My main takeaways were the confidence and comfortability I got just by being continuously connected to the community, Ali, his team and his expert special guests. No question was off-limits and Ali kept no secrets. I underpaid for the amount of value I got and now I have access for life.”
-Marshall Fox

⇒ Packages

  • ???? The Core – 12 two-hour live class sessions + Guest Workshops + Live Q&As with Ali and other pro YouTubers
  • ???? Detailed feedback from the team on all video assignments
  • ???? Lifetime access to all the session recordings
  • ⭕️ Lifetime access to our private online discussion forum + community
  • ???? House Support System – Weekly small-group calls led by pro YouTubers for more intimate accountability + support

???? Premium (Best Value)

  • ???? Everything in the Essential Package
  • PLUS
  • ???? Lifetime access to all future course updates, including live session recordings, videos, worksheets, and bonus material.
  • ???? Free enrolment in the next live cohort (February – March 2022) so you can get the full course experience a second time to consolidate learning
  • ???? Bonus Guest Interviews with successful YouTubers + teams (see preview)


  • ???? Everything in the Essential Package
  • ???? Everything in the Premium PackagePLUS
  • ???? Exec-only Slack channel for rapid access to Ali and our support team for the duration of the course
  • ???? Free lifetime access to all future live course cohorts as a Premium member
  • ???? Twice weekly Exec-only group coaching calls with Ali

???? 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Money-Back Promise

We want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete the homework assignments, and still don’t find the course useful, drop us an email and we’ll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of the start of the course.

However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually do the work and complete the assignments. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get any value from the course. And because we’re capping our capacity at 400 new students, by signing up and not doing the work, you’re taking a space away from someone else who would’ve done it and gotten 100x more value from it.

???? The Self-Serve Option (for Experienced YouTubers)

The Part-Time YouTuber Academy is designed to be a live course, with community, accountability, support and feedback built in. However, we get that these live components aren’t for everyone.

If you’re an Experienced YouTuber and you’re confident you don’t want or need the live-cohort elements (accountability, community, support and feedback), then you’re very welcome to sign up to our self-serve course option. You’d still probably get large amounts of value from the live cohort, but if you haven’t got the time to take advantage of the live elements, the self-serve option will give you access to all the video recordings and materials.

If you’re a Beginner YouTuber, we don’t recommend the self-serve option. The content in the live sessions will probably be overwhelming, and without the accountability, community, live support and feedback, you’ll feel like you’re drowning in information that you might struggle to implement. If you choose this option, it’ll be at your own risk, with those caveats in mind.

The Self-Serve Option includes:
???? Lifetime access to video recordings of live sessions, including guest workshops and Q&As. These are uploaded in HD with timestamps within 24h of the live sessions taking place
???? Worksheets, templates and other resources that we share with our Live cohort
???? $500 discount off the Live options if you’d like to join a future cohort of the course

The Self Serve Option doesn’t include:
❌ Access to the Zoom live sessions (core live lectures, office hours, Q&As, guest workshops)
❌ Personalised video feedback from our team
❌ Access to our House System for accountability and support
❌ Access to our community support forum on Circle

Important – Because the Part-Time YouTuber Academy is designed with a live cohort in mind, our Money Back Guarantee doesn’t apply to the self-serve option. If you’re at all concerned the course may not be ‘worth it’ then please sign up to the live cohort and you’ll see that it is ????

???? Scholarships
If you think you’d be a great fit for the course, but money’s an issue right now, please apply for one of our Scholarships. We’ll open up applications for scholarships when we launch Cohort 4!

⇒ The Part-Time YouTuber Academy
Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a sustainable, income-generating machine. Without quitting your day job ????

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