Ben Adkins – Fearless Social – Tribe Architect

Inside of this Session, Ben will walk you through the step-by-step method of creating a “30-day challenge” that your potential customers won’t be able to refuse. This will get them excited about becoming a part of your tribe and help you get them on your list and in your group.
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
  • The 5000 Member Blueprint
    I’ll show you the exact plan of how you can build a 5000 person tribe over the next 6 months using the Challenge Model over and over again.  This Blueprint is going to give you the direct path for everything you’re building and give you a timeline with deadlines  to complete every step,
  • The 30 Challenge Creation Formula
    (NEVER BEFORE REVEALED) I’ll walk you through the simple formula that you can take into any industry and instantly create a challenge that people will be attracted to. This simple formula is worth millions to my business and you’ll get access to it for the first time anywhere.
  • The 4 Week Challenge Progression Plan
     I’ll help you build an exact roadmap for how your challenge will work (for those going through it) so that you can automate 90% of the work before your challenge even starts. This makes it easy to focus on supporting your members in the group as the challenge progresses automatically in the background.
This first Session is Powerful because when we’re done you’ll have your bait created and a powerful way to attract TARGETED Potential Customers to your Business (and a way to get them a result before they ever pay you a dime). This is a monster for building trust and building long-term raving fans for your business.
Value: $599.95
Ben Adkins – Fearless Social – Tribe Architect
Week 2:
Setting Up Your Tribe’s Home
(The Technical Mechanics Session)
In this session, we’ll Build all of the Pieces that you Need to Create, Run, and Power your Community so that your members are happy and you are set up to generate income from your group month after month.
Inside This Session, you’ll Learn How to Create
  • The 30 Challenge Gateway Page
    I’ll walk you through how to create an opt-in page that is both enticing and gets your potential customers ready to participate. It will serve to explain the challenge as well as get them geared up to join your ongoing community.
  • The Group Builder Page
    What happens after the option is key. I’ll show you how to create a page that gets your potential customers fired up and brands you as a celebrity before they ever step foot inside of your community. This is a key component of the system that you must do correctly.
  • The Autoresponder Automations:
    One of the most powerful parts of the Tribe Architect System is automating things so that you can spend your time interacting with your members inside of your group/community. Inside of this section, I’ll show you how to automate the “Challenge” portion using automated emails.
  • Building your Tribe’s Hangout
    I’ll walk you through the key components of setting up the perfect place for your tribe to hang out (a Facebook group) and I’ll show you how to protect yourself from any Facebook Changes down the road.
When you get through this session you’ll know exactly how to build and custom fit my Tribe Building Templates to Your Business. Once this session is done you’ll know exactly how to set up all the visual pieces of the System
(The ones that will attract your Tribe).
Value: $499.95
Ben Adkins – Fearless Social – Tribe ArchitectWeek 3:
Running Your Challenge and Group
(the week by week setup)
Now that you’ve decided on what kind of challenge your want to run and you’ve built the “Attraction Pieces”, it’s time to go through exactly how we’ll run the challenge and the day-to-day of the group. This is key to keeping the group moving so that it doesn’t die… even after the challenge is over.
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
  • The Tribe Rules Template.
  • Running the Tribe the Weeks Before a Challenge.
  • Running the Tribe During a Challenge.
  • Running your Tribe During Non-Challenge Months.
    (the day to day templates)
  • How to Make Tribe Members Moderators the Right Way.

When you get through this short and powerful session you’ll have the templates that you need to run your tribe smoothly and in a way that doesn’t suck up all your time.

(while still making it look like you’re always present)
Ben Adkins – Fearless Social – Tribe ArchitectWeek 4:
Monetizing Your Tribe
(the 10k Per Month Formula)
The most important part of running a tribe is the income that you generate as you help them achieve their goals. Inside of this session, I’ll walk you through the formula that you can use to generate 10k per month from your Tribe.
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
  • The Challenge Transition Offer
    I’ll show you how to transition out of your challenge into an extremely cool and smooth product promo (this makes it a no-brainer for your newer Tribe Members to purchase from you).
  • The New Hotness Promo Formula
    I’ll walk you through how to introduce new products to your tribe without it seeming like you’re making a pitch.
  • The Antique Promo Formula
    You’re going to occasionally want to reintroduce older products to your Tribe. So how do you do that and still make sure they have the “shine” of a new product? I’ll show you inside.
  • The Product I Should Create Siphon Technique
    This is one of my greatest secrets and I’ve used it for years to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in 72 hours. I’ll walk you through exactly how you can do it inside.
When you get through this session you’ll have mastery in how to monetize your Tribe without it ever seeming like your being a pushy salesperson. This takes everything you’ve built and turns it into money in your pocket.

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