Bruce Whipple – QLA For 2021 Boot Camp

Bruce Whipple – Qla For 2021 Boot Camp

Have you ever wondered if QLA could be easier?
Not ‘easy,’ but just easier.
  • Easier to work through the steps?
  • Easier to work more consistently?
  • Easier to be more productive?
  • Easier to get in touch with potential Board Members?
  • Easier to have conversations with potential acquisitions?
The truth is, there has never been an easier time to succeed in QLA… IF you know how to leverage 21st century strategies and technology to make it happen!
The QLA For 2021 Boot Camp will give you those exact strategies AND show you how to leverage the most up-to-the-minute technology to not only make QLA as easy as possible… but give you the greatest chance for success!

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What You Get:

Week 1

Why There’s Never Been An Easier Time For QLA!

Bruce and John are going to help you get rid of every pre-conceived notion and excuse you have for not succeeding with QLA!  We’ll go through our point-by-point reasons why this is really the Golden Age for QLA… AND why it’s never been easier for you to achieve EVERY one of your QLA goals!

Week 2

Mindset and Motivation

If you’re having trouble with negative self-talk, lack of belief, keeping things going in the face of adversity or just getting good forward momentum every day, Bruce and John are going to help get your head right.  They’ll share the same exercises and practices they use and have taught their clients for almost 50 years combined!  After listening to this webinar, you’ll feel like you’ve been shot out of a cannon!

Week 3

How To Stop Procrastination and Take Massive Daily Action

If you struggle with consistency, or feel like you’re not getting enough done on a daily basis, you’re not alone.  This is one of the biggest problems QLA practicioners have to deal with.  Fortunately, Bruce and John are two of the most productive, consistent people you’ll ever meet, and they’re going to share exactly what they do to maintain the highest levels of productivity every single day.  In addition, they’ll also share how they’re able to run multiple businesses successfully, and STILL find the time for Bruce’s latest series of acquisitions!

Week 4

Leveraging Technology To Make QLA Ever Easier

When Bruce and John started working together, John was surprised at the fact that QLA wasn’t taking advantage of the latest technologies to make things easier.  Over the past several years, John has shown Bruce how to incorporate these technologies into his business and QLA acquisitions to save time and money, be more productive AND get better results.  During this Week 4 webinar, Bruce and John will share these same technologies and how to use them.  John will also be recording a series of step-by-step video tutorials to show you exactly how to implement these technologies into your business when you’re ready!

Week 5

2021 Strategies For Hiring Your Dream Team & Professionals

It’s not all about pounding the pavement and shoe leather anymore!  For his latest series of acquisitions, Bruce was able to employ several 21st century strategies to make the process of finding, qualifying, interviewing and hiring his Dream Team and professionals one of the easiest he’s ever had in over 25 years!  Bruce and John are going to share those exact strategies with you so you can use them for your QLA acquisitions, too!

Week 6

2021 Strategies For Finding and Financing Your Deals

If you’re not taking advantage of all of the new tools & opportunities available to you today, you’re probably making the whole process of finding and financing your deals a lot more difficult, time-consuming and stressful than it needs to be.  During this week’s webinar, Bruce will share the tools and strategies he’s using to find more deals in less time, as well as the new financing opportunities he’s exploring to make the money-side of these deals easier than ever!

Week 7

2021 Strategies For Running The Business

Congratulations!  You’ve acquired your first business!  Now what?  In this final webinar, Bruce and John will discuss how to run your business to increase their productivity, profitability AND resale value.  They’ll discuss personnel, finances, systems, marketing and more!  They’ll also show you how to use the first business to make acquiring future businesses even easier!

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