Johnathan White – Multi-Orgasmic Man 2.0 (12 week) (GB)

Johnathan White - Multi-Orgasmic Man 2.0 (12 Week)

Johnathan White – Multi-Orgasmic Man 2.0 (12 week)

A 12-week blueprint to master your sexual energy + manifest your ideal life.

Tap into your sexual power to last for hours in bed, experience non-ejaculatory orgasms,
and have an endless supply of radiant energy for the rest of your life.

Johnathan White – Multi-Orgasmic Man 2.0 (12 week)

  • Have sex for as long as you want, so you can achieve levels of bliss and full-body orgasm that most men only dream of.
  • Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, so that you don’t have to worry if you’re going to please your partner. No more performance anxiety!
  • Have deep confidence in your sexual abilities, which means you’ll become confident in all other areas of your life. Imagine going out into the world after a 3-hour multi-orgasmic sex session… you’ll be radiating confidence and magnetism!
  • Charge the brain with orgasmic energy, increasing memory and intelligence, and keeping yourself in a peak state of flow 24/7… basically you’ll know how to sustain a natural high with no side effects!
  • Harness the power of sexual energy for creativity, abundance and success. Once you learn how to channel your sexual energy into your life, the sky is the limit for what you choose to manifest in your life!
  • Practice semen retention safely as a lifestyle, if you desire – meaning you be able to sustain all the amazing benefits of semen retention without having to live like a monk. You can still have all the amazing sex you want without the recovery period following ejaculation!

This 6-week course is designed to help you:

  • Control ejaculation
  • Build sexual power
  • Build unshakeable confidence in yourself and your sexual abilities
  • Increase overall health and energy levels
  • Become a multi-orgasmic man
  • Clear negative emotions and traumas
  • Feel more grounded, embodied, and full of radiant vitality
  • Overcome sexual issues such premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Free yourself from sexual frustration
  • Harness your sexual energy to transform your life
  • Become more desirable and attract your ideal partner

This course is designed to be a step-by-step guide to transform even absolute beginners into masterful lovers. You will learn to open the major energy channels in the body and circulate your sexual energy, experiencing a level of orgasmic bliss that most people only dream of. You will discover a deeply fulfilling source of pleasure within yourself. You will also learn advanced methods for charging the glands and brain with sexual energy, experiencing full body states of energetic ecstasy.

What you’ll learn in Lifestyle – Multi-Orgasmic Man 2.0

Week 1:

  • Getting clarity around what’s sabotaging your life and creating an action plan to remove these habits.
  • Beating Porn Addiction
  • Transformational Breathwork: get high as f**k using only the breath, go on an inner journey and dissolve negative patterns and blockages
  • How to clear negative emotions as they arise
  • Balancing the internal organs for radiant health
  • Sexual Vitality Breathing – control arousal and boost sexual health with this breath
  • Basic ejaculation control

Week 2:

  • Microcosmic Orbit – the pathway for full-body orgasm
  • Secret Wudang Mountain Microcosmic Orbit Activation method
  • Internal Energy Secrets: how to supercharge your practice and tangibly experience energy flowing through the body
  • Qigong warmups to pack the hands with energy
  • Dragon Orbit Qigong practice to powerfully activate your body’s energy
  • Tummo breathing to instantly energize, dissolve stress, and get into peak state

Week 3:

  • Grounding your sexual energy
  • Connecting with the power of the Earth
  • Earth Pulsing qigong to increase sexual vitality
  • How grounding increases sexual potency and helps control ejaculation
  • Zhan Zhuang Power Standing: develop rooting power, focus, and full-body energetic charge

Week 4:

  • Orgasmic Breathing
  • Sexual Qigong
  • How to do Kegels properly: create a STRONG and RELAXED pelvic floor to contain high levels of arousal
  • Charging the energy meridians and Chakras with sexual energy
  • Semen Retention Lifestyle

Week 5:

  • How to keep the pelvic floor relaxed for complete ejaculatory control
  • Arousal control mastery
  • Advanced Power Lock for full-body orgasm
  • Yin Power Lock
  • The finger lock dry orgasm technique for instant non-ejaculatory orgasm
  • How to channel your sexual energy into magnetizing your ideal life
  • How to avoid overheating and release excess energy

Week 6:

  • Immortal Breath – Activating the glands with orgasmic energy
  • Discharging sexual energy from the genitals to avoid ejaculation
  • Charging the entire body with aroused sexual energy
  • Partner application: F*ck like a King
  • Exchanging Sexual Energy
  • Tantric Connection and Sexual Healing


  • Weekly practice schedules for creating a sustainable daily practice and consistent results
  • Access to private Facebook group for support and connection
  • Group video calls with Johnathan to answer questions


  • Sexual reflexology massage to increase hormone levels
  • Natural Penis enlargement exercises
  • Yoga Routine for Sexual Health and Lower Body Flexibility
  • Qigong routine for Sexual Vitality

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