MindValley – Becoming Focused and Indistractable

MindValley – Becoming Focused and Indistractable

Becoming Focused and Indistractable

Join Nir Eyal on a deep dive into transformational behavioral engineering techniques that empower you to achieve superhuman productivity, focus, and clarity in all dimensions of life

Does it ever feel like ‘procrastination’ is your constant companion?

Maybe you constantly feel pulled in a thousand different directions.

Maybe your to-do list is growing by the day.

And maybe your own habits – like getting easily distracted, procrastinating, or spending too much time on your smartphone – are holding you back from your most crucial tasks.

If any of this sounds familiar, remember it’s not just you: the entire planet is dealing with a colossal amount of information and disruptions screaming for attention.

(A recent post-COVID study even found 83% of Americans now feel overwhelmed daily – a staggering figure.)

So what is the key to surviving – and thriving – in a world that barely even gives you space to breathe?

The answer, according to bestselling Behavioral Engineering author Nir Eyal, is in retraining your brain to rediscover its focus –

Harnessing the power of leading-edge neuroscience and psychology to take back the reins of your inner programming –

And in the process, regaining your capacity for your best work, performance, and productivity, as you become…


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What You’ll Learn

  1. Take Back Your Time

    Get powerful time management techniques that allow you to maximize every moment of every day, so you no longer feel anxious, overwhelmed, or struggling to stay on top of things.

  2. Gain Unbreakable Focus

    With Nir’s guidance, you’ll discover how to enter a state of deep, unshakable focus at the snap of a finger, so you can direct your attention to your most important tasks, and perform at your peak even in the most chaotic situations.

  3. Upgrade Your Habits

    If you’re like most people, you have various habits and behaviors that kill your time and sabotage your best work. You’ll experience habit-reforming techniques that rapidly replace these with new ones that add better structure, productivity, and energy to your daily life.

  4. Level Up Your Productivity

    Master the art of doing better work, faster and without distractions. Even if you have a tendency to procrastinate or get sidetracked, Nir’s habit formation methodology will recondition you to get and stay in high productivity.

  5. Be Fully Present

    Whether you’re in the boardroom or bedroom, rewire your brain to be fully present in every moment. In this state, your mind no longer wanders without your permission. Your senses are sharper, your empathy is deeper, and you’re able to both absorb information and communicate at your peak.

  6. Overcome Tech Distractions

    You’ll gain tech and mind hacks that liberate you from the dings and pings from your phone and computer. From social media to email to Netflix, you’ll discover how you can still enjoy and benefit from these tools, without becoming a slave to them.

  7. Strengthen Your Discipline

    Instead of wasting time and energy on willpower battles with yourself, discover how to develop a mindset of extraordinary discipline and resolve – so you’re constantly moving towards your personal and professional goals.

  8. Create Optimal Routines

    Gain the frameworks and systems for living used by the world’s top performers to take charge of every moment of the day, and direct your energy and attention to the pursuits, people, and passions that matter to you.

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The Curriculum

Explore The Becoming Focused and Indistractable Curriculum

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Becoming Focused & Indistractable is a 27-day process featuring immersive training, transformational tools, and daily coaching with Nir Eyal himself.

In just 5-15 minutes a day, you’ll take a fascinating deep dive into your subconscious beliefs, daily habits and routines, and every dimension of your life that impacts your ability to focus and perform at your best.

You’ll discover patterns and blind spots you never knew you had. You’ll get powerful strategies for managing distractions from inside you and the world around you.

And most importantly, you’ll gain the lifelong freedom to choose a life that’s far more productive, fulfilling, and calm.

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