Mushfiq Sarker – Easy Dilligence (Dashboard+Database)

Get the battle-tested Due Diligence Dashboard and 45+ Questions Database


  • 45+ due diligence questions with insights ranked by importance
  • Due diligence dashboard that interprets Google Analytics traffic to flag highlights and setbacks

Why do I need it?

  • Do you spend hours looking through sites for sale and performing due diligence?
  • With these Easy Diligence tools, you will know exactly what the setbacks are, and questions to ask the seller

How do I use it?

  1. Use the questions as a step-by-step to analyze sites for sale
  2. Connect Google Analytics into Due Diligence Dashboard
  3. Analyze any highlights or setbacks in the dashboard

6 Reasons To Get Easy Diligence Right Now

Get unlimited lifetime access. Lock in the price while it lasts.

Instant access to 45+ tested due diligence questions

You could spend years figuring out what types of questions to analyze when buying a website, or use our battle-tested database

Questions designed for content websites

Targeted towards content-focused websites monetized by Amazon Associates, affiliate programs, and display advertisements

Dashboard flags Highlights and Setbacks

Built-in algorithms flag metrics based on industry-standards and 12+ years of expertise

Tools everyone can use from day one

Apply to starter sites for sale with minimal traffic to the most advanced sites with millions of views. It’s for everyone.

Unlimited access, Lifetime updates

Stay up-to-date with new questions and updates to the dashboard that we test, measure, and discover.

Dashboard + Database

Questions Database + Full Access Easy Diligence Dashboard


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