Pat Flynn – Heroic Online Courses

Pat Flynn – Heroic Online Courses

Pat Flynn – Heroic Online Courses

Introducing Heroic Online Courses

Heroic, because in order to make online courses work you have to understand that your students are the hero of the story.

It’s their struggles that you’re solving, and it’s a transformation that you lead them to.

You are their guide.

And when you help people become the hero of their story, everyone wants the guide who helped them get there.

Here’s the big secret: no one wants to buy an online course. People buy the transformation that your course offers them: the promise that’s on the other side.

So what’s the promise of Heroic Online Courses?

You’ll have an online course created that you can be proud of, and one that you will be able to confidently launch on your own.

On this journey, you are the hero, and I am your guide.

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