Marcus Barney – Recession Proof Financial Literacy Class

Marcus Barney – Recession-Proof Financial Literacy Class

Marcus Barney – Recession Proof Financial Literacy Class

Marcus Barney – Recession-Proof Financial Literacy Class

Recession-Proof Is More Than Just A Program. It’s A FAMILY!

Entrepreneurship is no longer a luxury…. it’s a NECESSITY! As a community, we have to change the way we have been trained to operate financially.

This will allow us as people, to get out of the rat race & play the wealth creation game the way it’s meant to be played.

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The Recession-Proof Family Welcomes You….

We know that being an entrepreneur at some point you feel like you’re on an island by yourself. This is what makes Recession Proof so unique, we have developed a complete family experience for everyone involved.

When joining the family, you can access free networking events, mentee-hosted training, telegram groups based on different interests. We have Trucking, Real Estate, & several other telegrams groups for expanding your knowledge. The special piece to this all will be your ability to network and build with other members in our Private Facebook community.

Recession Proof Financial Literacy Class

Marcus “Him500” Barney also brings in his circle of successful entrepreneurs and connections to help us expand our resources. You guys will gain access to his personal resources like his trust and asset advisor.

Marcus has a ton of resources and connections that have helped him become recession-proof and you will gain access to them by being a part of the Recession-Proof family. Most people know we have our own private jet broker/owner, American Express representative, and Exotic car importer within the family. Power of resources!

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The Recession-Proof family is on the move. In 2021 the goal is to create 100 Recession-Proof millionaires! the way this family is set up, I’m sure 100 millionaires will be made, but my question is, will YOU be one of them? 500 9 650X400 1

Marcus Barney – Recession-Proof Financial Literacy Class Marcus ‘HIM500’ Barney

Thirty-two-year-old Marcus Barney is the founder and CEO of Recession Proof, a multi-million dollar financial literacy program, and credit specialist firm. The company provides entrepreneurs with specialized tools, strategies, and financial resources that can be used to scale businesses. However, his main focus is to teach his mentees how to leverage credit to create generational wealth.

Marcus was born and raised in Stockton, California. His first business was at sixteen. He and some friends would go around to auctions buyer cars before flipping them for a profit. At the age of eighteen, he studied for and acquired the State of California Real Estate License.

As of now, Recession Proof has helped over 50 people step away from their -5 jobs to take control of their time, with many of those individuals going on to become millionaires. The company has garnered $20 million worth of start-up capital, which went into helping over 200 entrepreneurs launch their businesses. Recession-Proof provides its clients with the resources needed to reach success and feel empowered.

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The Tip Of The Iceberg Of What You’ll Get Inside Of Recession Proof Xtreme!

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Recession Proof Financial Literacy Class.



The AVERAGE millionaire has 7 streams of income. My goal is to equip our family with the knowledge and resources to develop these streams of income in record-breaking time.

Each month we will host our Amplifier Calls! These private training will include some of the top entrepreneurs in their respective spaces, which will teach you other opportunities that will help you diversify your assets into multiple streams.

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Need More Proof… Listen To What Others Are Saying:

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