Traffic and Funnels – Advertising Workshop

Traffic And Funnels – Advertising Workshop

Traffic and Funnels – Advertising Workshop


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…Without A Webinar, Complicated Funnels, or Being an “Ad Copy Wizard”

This is our end-to-end FB advertising workshop. There’s nothing else like it.

It’s the FULL training on all of the principles, frameworks, and fundamentals that have allowed us to spend over 6-figures per month… at a 4X-8X return on ad spend.

That means for every $1 we put in…

…We get between $4 to $8 (or more) back.

Here’s how we do it…


How to Pinpoint Your Most Profitable Prospects with Sniper-Like Accuracy

Everyone tells you to “know your market”.

But very few actually know HOW to do.

So I decided to DEMONSTRATE (on screen) our exact process for exhaustively investigating, examining, and analyzing your “Perfect Prospect” (before you waste time and money on ads that don’t work).

You only need to do it ONCE. And it will only take you a couple of hours tops.

But it will directly yield a lifetime of revenue and profits inside your business.

The level of detail you’ll uncover is staggering (and maybe even creepy):
When you understand your market at this level, you become unstoppable.

Research is the #1 secret behind effective and high-converting advertising.

Far too many overlook it. But not you.

You’ll love discovering:

  • ​How to filter through the Noise so you can identify the SIGNAL (the “echo”) that will open up “money pockets” with Low Competition yet High Returns…
  • ​What to do if you don’t know your “Perfect Prospect” – Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to spy on your competitor and leverage their hard work…
  • ​What to type into Google to uncover the darkest fears and deepest desires of your prospects – when you nail this, you’ll never run out of things to say that profoundly resonates with your market…
  • ​The sneaky, free, little tool the Top %1 of advertisers use to “read the mind” of their prospects – without even talking to them or running “surveys”…
  • ​How to identify and LEVERAGE the “Awareness” and “Sophistication” of your prospects, so you can confidently speak to them in a way that moves them toward working with you…
  • ​The “3 Questions” you MUST ask, to gain clarity on deeply seeded passions, their level of awareness and sophistication, plus competitors and their positioning…

Now that you know all this about your prospects, you need to write the ads – with our help…


Discover How To Quickly Write Ads That Convert (Even If You’re Not a “Copywriter”)

We break this down and make it so easy, you’ll (probably) never struggle to write ads again.

In fact, there’s an exact science behind ad copy that converts – and it’s responsible for millions of dollars in revenue inside our business.

Trust me…

When you use this “Ad Copy Formula”, you could not only increase your conversions by at least 30%…

You will also drastically reduce the number of ads you have to write, making things easier and less stressful.

In addition to all that, here’s briefly what you’ll discover in this part of the workshop:

  • ​Full “X-Ray Breakdown” of our 3 top-performing ads, each responsible for over $1 Million in revenue – and they were the easiest to write, thanks to the formula…
  • ​Plus, get the “Hidden Ad Layout” that shows you WHAT to say and WHERE to say it, in your ads, so you’ll never worry about how the heck comes next…

On top of all that, this next section of the workshop shows you how to string it all together – and build an advertising machine in half the time…

Profitable Scaling with Our Internal “CBO + MVP Method” Training

Go from ZERO to Massive PROFIT – Safely, With Less Risk, and Without Screwing Anything Up

Do you know what will bankrupt you faster than a naughty weekend in Vegas?

Trying to scale your Facebook campaigns the wrong way.

And most people think that “C.B.O”, or Campaign Budget Optimization, is a magic wand that will fix all your mistakes for you… 

But they’re doing it all wrong.

You can’t just duplicate a bunch of ad sets that look like they’re doing OK, flip the switch on C.B.O, and expect to turn on the money faucet.

If you “feed” Facebook the WRONG data (like 98% of all advertisers are…) you’ll just break the machine the moment you try to scale.

You won’t get the sales you hoped for – you’ll be begging on the streets in no time, instead.

But if you “feed” Facebook the RIGHT data – in the RIGHT WAY – then turning on C.B.O is like turning on a well-oiled money-making machine… 

Helping you go from a few sales or conversions per week… to 50+… 100+ …200+ or more – profitably and in a sustainable way.

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, this is a bulletproof method that will take you from SCRATCH to SCALE – without you needing to become a media buying pro.

If you’ve done Facebook advertising before, this is an all-weather, finger-licking-good flawless method you can use to SCALE further with even more sales, applications, conversions, whatever – with far less risk and with a lot more profit than you’ve seen before.

You’ll get the video training, PDF, a full visual map of what you need to do, and an over-the-shoulder view of what Ashton is doing to set everything up…

Yes, you will see every setting and tweak inside our Facebook advertising account! 

Inside this internal media buyer training, you’ll discover: 

  • Our proven “3-Phase MVP Method” for launching, testing, optimizing and SCALING Facebook ad campaigns – with far less risk and a lot more PROFIT than anything we’ve ever done (and we’ve spent MILLIONS on ads!)
  • ​How to quickly (and cheaply!) identify the PERFECT audience (the kind that’s most likely to actually CONVERT on your offers…) AND the PERFECT advertisement for scaling your campaigns…
  • ​The RIGHT budget to use at every step, staring with $2.50 and going all the way to $2,000+ dollars per day (and the Return on Ad Spend is always in the green for us…)
  • ​How to make Facebook do all the heavy lifting for you and tell you what the best ads, the best budget, the best audience are that will make you the most money…
  • ​Prevent “ad fatigue” with this simple strategy that takes seconds to implement – and your ads could run practically forever because of how Facebook now cycles through your creative…
  • ​And much, MUCH more…

On top of all that, this next section of the workshop shows you how to string it all together – and build an advertising machine in half the time…


How To Immerse Your Prospects with the Value They Want – And Get More Qualified Leads For You

Watch as we pull back the curtain on our best-performing campaigns and funnels. 
These have been tested, tweaked, optimized – and are proven to work.

Everything is revealed – every If/Then decision point, every piece you need, every asset, the exact steps – so you can swipe and deploy.

You’ll discover:

  • ​The flowchart of our internal decision-making process for launching, testing, and scaling highly profitable campaigns (the level of detail is insane, down to the perfect budget settings that will test and optimize your ads the right way…)
  • ​The “SUDO Retargeting” Map, that shows you exactly how to reach “Total Retargeting Saturation” on 3 fronts to achieve full engagement and move your prospects deeper into your funnel…
  • ​And so much more…

On top of all that, this next section of the workshop shows you how to string it all together – and build an advertising machine in half the time…


Attract and Win New Clients Without a Webinar (Or Complicated, Messy, and Time-Consuming “Funnels”)

This is the system we use to help our clients grow to $20k+ per month WITHOUT a webinar. It takes people who are completely oblivious to who you are… to raging, red-hot, ready to BUY from you.

This strategy frames you as a leader and someone with the answers, and “seeds” (by your language) that you have the solutions people desperately want.

Combine this with advertising and you have the perfect “feedback loop” that will accelerate your results.


  • ​The 2 vital factors that determine your success – without these, you won’t be able to get high-ticket clients – but with them, there’s no limit to your growth…
  • ​The super simple formula for spinning up Hyper Organic Ads at will – and with only 2-3 minutes of “work” – plus the exact budget to use for maximum reach and results…
    ​The quick advertising objective “trick” that side-steps the dreaded “ad tax”, helping you get more results for less money…
  • ​Watch over-my-shoulder, as I show you examples of TWO “Hyper Organic Ads” that quickly gathered the right audience who know, like, and trust us – and compelled people to take us up on our offer…
  • ​Case Study #1: See the simple, real-world Hyper Organic posts that one client spent $8,700 one – but earned back $38,200 in revenue…
  • Case Study #2: You’ll love this other Hyper Organic post from another client – and so did our client, because they spent $1,800 to promote it and pulled in $9,800 in revenue…

Frankly, with this Workshop alone, I don’t see how you can fail.

(Unless you literally do nothing, at all, ever – in that case, no one can help you, not even your mom).


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