Youri – YouTube Automation First Academy 2022

Youri – Youtube Automation First Academy 2022

Youri – YouTube Automation First Academy 2022

The #1 Academy for YouTube Automation Video Teams!

  • Introduction to the Automation First Academy(6:51)
  • Join the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group
Content Layers
  • How to Break down Your Video Format(8:14)
  • Pricing(6:50)
How to Find Your Team
  • Best Platform to find your team(5:49)
  • Learn how to get a virtual credit card (if needed)
  • How to create a job post(25:37)
  • Job Post templates
  • How to choose prospects(19:18)
  • How to message freelancers(7:39)
  • Outreach message template
  • Approve or deny(4:15)
  • How to hire your team(5:19)
  • How to make payments to your team(1:16)
  • When to fire team members(8:06)
How to Scale
  • How to Scale your production(11:13)
  • How to build an automated workflow(18:51)
  • Trello board setup and document
  • How to set up instructions for your team(4:37)
  • Mistakes to Avoid(1:56)
Stay in Charge
  • How to avoid plagiarism and strikes(8:08)
  • Plagiarism checker
Building a Team LIVE ON CAMERA

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