Duston McGroarty – The Zero to $300/Day Live Case Study

Duston Mcgroarty – The Zero To $300/Day Live Case Study

Duston McGroarty – The Zero to $300/Day Live Case Study

Have you tried to make money online before and failed miserably?
Are you sick of buying course after course but never getting any results?
Have you lost your shirt with paid advertising in the past?
If you answered YES to those three questions…
This might be the most important letter you’ll read this year.
Here’s the deal…
Something happened to me last week.
Something that changed my plans entirely for the month of June.
In the span of about two hours…
I received emails from two of my past students.
The two students don’t know each other and had no clue what was about to transpire.
I logged in to check my email that morning, like I always do…
And that’s when I read both of their emails…
Emails from two different students…
Who have never met…
And, don’t know each other at all…
Wrote almost the exact same email to me word for word.
Like, I’m talking WORD FOR WORD.
It stopped me DEAD in my tracks.
I leaned back in my chair…
Took my glasses off…
And, sat there for a few minutes in disbelief.
I’ve been sharing my knowledge and experience with other marketers online since 2010.
Not once has anything like this ever happened.
It wasn’t just that their emails were almost identically written word for word…
It was the question they both ASKED in their emails that really got me thinking.
Here’s the question…
“Any chance you’ll make a ‘start from nothing’ case study showing you make money from scratch?”
That may not seem like much to you but to me…
It was a HUUUGE “ah-ha” moment.
These past few years I had gotten away from the “start from scratch” follow-along case studies I used to do.

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